Waiting Area:

Parents and friends who stay must do so in the Mother's waiting room. No students, will be allowed into the dance studio until class time. Those parents who drop off students must be on time for pick up. If you are late for any reason, students MUST come back into the waiting area. No students will be allowed to wait outside for their ride.


Parents and friends my observe classes on the first lesson of each month.

Scheduled Holidays:

Thanksgiving week, Christmas holidays, Mardi Gras week, and Easter week. We try to follow the school holiday schedule whenever possible.

Inclement weather:

When weather conditions close schools the studio will also be closed. If in doubt, please give us a call or check our website for more information.


Good attendance is essential if your child is to make progress. Students who have perfect attendance will be recognized at the end of the dance year. There will be make-up lessons, for any classes missed, at a fee of $5.00 per make-up class to be paid before taken. This will require a parent to set up a date for the make-up lesson.


  • Students must wear proper shoes for each subject.
  • Arrive at least 10 minutes before your class and be ready with ballet shoes on.
  • Respect teachers and other students at all times. (No back talk)
  • No chewing gum, no food or drinks will be allowed in studio.

Dress Code:

With the proper dance attire a child has an immediate sense of "belonging" to an elite and very special dance school. When a child wears the proper dance attire with hair worn up and jewelry absent, he or she knows that respectful behavior, concentration, and hard work are done with no excuses accepted.

Ages 2-9
Pink leotard, white tights, white ballet shoes, black taps shoes (with elastic straps) hair tied neatly back

Ages 10 and older
Solid color leotard, solid color tights, white ballet shoes, tan taps, hair tied neatly back.

All equipment must be clean and neat. Please label all equipment.

Students 9 years of age and older MUST wear cover-up over dance wear outside the classroom. POSITIVELY no cover-ups are permitted in class
(T-shirts, blouses, shorts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, Etc.)

If you have any questions or problems speak to us NOT ANOTHER PARENT.

Thank you,

The Milliet's


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